Corporate Executives

Monitoring the core science and technology activity in an industry is crucial to competitive positioning of a business. Corporate Executives need to bring into focus the potential of strategic R&D decisions before they are apparent, and then develop, adapt or acquire technologies and manage associated risks. For a Corporate Executive who faces multiple demands for their attention, the time to reflect on such opportunities is limited.

VISTA’s specialized areas of practice link the art, science and passion of R&D decisions with business strategy by:

  • Providing science & technology intelligence to exploit and leverage R&D opportunities before they emerge in the competitive market
  • Working with or creating a structure for decision-making that reflects corporate values and appetite for risk
  • Identifying new product development and market expansion opportunities
  • Assessing market and technology risk
  • Optimizing the value of intellectual property assets
  • Evaluating the capabilities of current R&D strategies to maximize market potential

Corporate Executives can draw on VISTA’s capabilities to improve strategies for new product development, innovation and commercialization and contribute to the core competitive competence of your firm.

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