Entrepreneurial success depends, in part, on visualizing possibilities that have not come into focus for others. With limited resources of time it is not always possible for Entrepreneurs to spot related opportunities, let alone capitalize on them.

VISTA’s specialized areas of practice for Entrepreneurs focuses on helping you make the best use of time by:

  • Assessing and prioritizing market potential
  • Evaluating market and technology risk
  • Developing focused and practical marketing and commercialization strategies
  • Positioning and transitioning new technology in the market
  • Delivering third-party, objective technology assessments to support investment decisions
  • Providing science and technology intelligence to support strategic business plans
  • Optimizing the value of intellectual property assets through patent portfolio audits, disclosure evaluations and intellectual property protection recommendations
  • Identifying and initiating collaborations
  • Identifying and validating potential commercialization partners

Entrepreneurs can engage VISTA’s art. science and passion to identify and capitalize on opportunities and secure the capital necessary to support their ventures.

Call us, today, to learn how we can help reduces your risks and make your business more successful.