Public Funders

Public Funders face increasing expectations to maximize the impact and benefits of R&D. Their role extends beyond ensuring that investments produce research articles and patents. Today’s expectations for R&D and innovation include demonstrating broader social and economic returns.

VISTA’s specialized areas of practice focus on demonstrating the impacts of R&D by:

  • Assessing market potential, economic impact and the broader social impacts of R&D
  • Evaluating the benefits of public investments in R&D
  • Priortizing and positioning R&D and innovation policies, strategies and programs to optimize public policy objectives
  • Evaluating program outputs, outcomes and impacts
  • Assessing R&D proposals based on their potential for knowledge transfer, social benefit and technology commercialization outcomes
  • Pubic Funders can engage VISTA’s art, science and passion to generate more benefits from strategic R&D investment decisions.

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