Research Administrators

New expectations for innovation extend far beyond traditional knowledge creation and dissemination to encompass broader social and economic impacts. Managing R&D resources and optimizing productivity and efficiency in order to extract greater value is an on-going challenge for Research Administrators.

VISTA’s specialized areas of practice for Research Adminstrators focus on maximizing the outcomes of R&D by:

  • Optimizing the value of intellectual property assets through patent portfolio audits, invention disclosure evaluation and IP protection recommendations
  • Developing novel technology transfer strategies and tools
  • Prioritizing and positioning research and innovation policies, strategies and programs
  • Providing strategic intelligence to leverage and exploit funding opportunities
  • Initiating R&D and innovation collaborations
  • Assessing the broader social and economic impacts of R&D

Research Administrators can engage VISTA’s art, science and passion to help increase the impact of R&D investments and improve the innovation outcomes.

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