Researchers are increasingly expected to demonstrate the downstream potential for broader social and economic benefits of their research.

VISTA’s specialized areas of practice for Researchers and Scientists combines the art of communication with the science of evidence-based approaches and the passion of researchers to position R&D for maximum innovation outcomes by:

  • Delivering objective, third-party R&D assessment to support investment and funding proposals
  • Providing strategic intelligence to leverage and exploit opportuntities for future R&D
  • Positioning R&D for downstream knowledge mobilization and technology commercialization oppotuntities
  • Identifying and validating potential licensees and other R&D partners
  • Assessing and prioritizing market potential and opportunities
  • Developing and marketing and commercializations strategies
  • Assessing the broader social and economic impacts of R&D
  • Identify and initiating R&D collaborations

Researchers can engage VISTA’s art, science and passion to develop more strategic and competitive R&D projects with improved innovations outcomes.

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