Technology Transfer Practitioners

The objective of publicly funded R&D is to benefit society and the economy through the transfer of innovations developed in universities, colleges and public research institutes, to the broader community. Technology Transfer Practitioners are increasingly expected to respond to this objective by finding innovative ways to manage intellectual property and maximize the value of R&D.

VISTA’s specialized areas of practice for Technology Transfer Practitioners focus on achieving improved innovation outcomes by:

  • Optimizing the value of IP assets through patent portfolio audits, disclosure evaluations, IP protection recommendations
  • Developing novel technology transfer strategies and tools
  • Delivering third-party, objective technology assessments that identify market barriers and opportunities
  • Developing marketing/commercialization strategies
  • Identifying and validating potential licensees and other commercialization partners
  • Assessing the broader social and economic impacts of R&D
  • Positioning proposed R&D to optimize the competitiveness of R&D funding proposals

Technology Transfer Practitioner can engage VISTA’s art, science and passion to achieve enhanced IP management, more effective deal-making and greater benefits to the community.

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