VISTA S&T – Putting Research into Action…

The art is in seeing the possibilities before they come into focus.

The science is in using evidence-based methods to capture strategic intelligence that adds value to and reduces the risks of investments in R&D.

The passion is in our commitment to empower you to put research into action for social and economic benefits.

FEATURED Assessment tool: R&D Outlook(TM)

The R&D Outlook is a comprehensive assessment of the potential outcomes and benefits of research. The objective of the R&D Outlook is to position research within the context of on-going global science and technology activity, patenting activity, existing market competition, potential application niches and possible receptor communities for the research. The R&D Outlook positions research for enhanced impacts and informs decisions on investments in research, development, technology commercialization and knowledge mobilization.

The R&D Outlook is excellent for identifying R&D opportunities and priorities and positioning research competitively for funding.

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Research Administrators

Leverage the capabilities of VISTA to:

  • build a capacity for effective knowledge mobilization and technology commercialization
  • position research to optimize the public and economic value
  • enhance the competitiveness of your research funding proposals
  • forge linkages and connections with stakeholders that diversify and expand the use of research


Download: “Measuring Science’s Other Bottom Line” an Op-Ed article in the December 6, 2011 issue of R