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25 Years of Trusted Science Analysis & Advice

Driving the discovery, development, commercialization and adoption of agri‑innovations.

Since 1998, VISTA Science & Technology has been supporting Canada's agrifood research and innovation system to drive the discovery, development, commercialization and adoption of agri-innovations. We understand the challenges of putting research into action in the face of overwhelming challenges.

Whether you are discovering or developing new agri-innovations, putting research into practice, or investing in or funding agrifood research, you will benefit from our independent, evidence-based analyses, advice and solutions.

Our philosophy

The Promise of Science

For more than 150 years, Canada's agriculture sector has embraced the promise of science to become a global leader in sustainable food production.

Unlocking the promise of science to accelerate discovery, development, commercialization and adoption of new research to drive agri-innovation is an ongoing challenge defined by complexity, uncertainty, risk and ambiguity. Understanding this complexity is key to effectively navigating and negotiating an increasingly uncertain future to realize the promise of science.

The promise of science is a compelling force in society. It represents our confidence in science to find solutions for our most urgent and critical social-ecological challenges. As a rigorous method of intellectual inquiry, science is our most credible and reliable source of knowledge. Our investments in research and science are a testament to our shared vision of the promise of science.

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independent research

Maximizing the Benefits & Impact of Agricultural Innovation

Our research in agricultural innovation systems and knowledge translation and transfer (KTT) seeks to close the research to action gap.

VISTA maintains an active in-house research program. Drawing on both qualitative and quantitative social science methods, we investigate and explore the social-ecological dynamics of agricultural innovation systems. A core area of our research is the role of knowledge translation and transfer (KTT) in the discovery, development, commercialization, acceptance and adoption of agri-innovations and the implications for practice, policy and governance.

Our clients & partners in Canadian agrifood innovation
what we do

Analyses, Advice & Solutions to Drive Agri‑innovation

VISTA's independent, evidence-based services will enable you to:

Manage and mobilize research for enhanced benefits and impact

Gain novel insights on emerging agrifood science, research, and innovation opportunities

Make agrifood science and research more accessible, meaningful, and useful

Put agrifood research into action

Strategic Innovation Positioning

Position Agrifood Research for Impact

VISTA's Innovation Positioning Framework is a proven, evidence-based approach for accelerating the discovery, development, commercialization and adoption of new research and science to drive agri-innovation.

Strategic research planning

Research prioritizing and positioning

Research impact assessments

Technology market and commercialization assessments

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policy analysis

Create the Enabling Conditions that Drive Agri‑Innovation

Science and research are vital for effective policy, governance and regulatory frameworks.  It’s a complex relationship.  Whether it’s “policy for science” or “science for policy”, we have the tools and experience to support your needs.

Global science, research and innovation (SRI) policy reviews

SRI trend analyses

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science communications

Impactful Messaging Drives Agri‑Innovation Discovery & Adoption

Science communication is about telling stories that engage, inform, educate and inspire diverse audiences in the promise of agriculture science.  VISTA has been telling stories about Canadian agriculture science and research for 25 years.

Proposal writing and consulting

Knowledge mobilization

Global knowledge syntheses

Technology market and commercialization assessments

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Supporting Canada's Agrifood Research & Innovation System

To drive the development, commercialization and adoption of agri-innovations

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