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Our independent research is closely linked to our other services. In our work as science analysts and advisors supporting the development, commercialization, and adoption of agri-innovations, we see a gap between research and adoption. We call this the ‘knowledge to action’ gap and it’s what holds back the promise of science. Our research in agriculture innovation systems and knowledge translation and transfer (KTT) seeks to close the ‘knowledge to action’ gap so that we can realize the promise of science for agriculture.

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Our Core Areas of Research

Agriculture research, science and innovation are critical to finding solutions for sustainable agriculture production. With a better understanding of how innovation works and more effective KTT tools and strategies, we can accelerate the development, acceptance, and adoption of sustainable agri-innovations.

System Analysis

VISTA’s transdisciplinary research explores and investigates the social-ecological dynamics of agricultural innovation systems. The goal of our research is to understand complex dynamics of the social, economic, political, technical, cultural, and ethical dimensions of agrifood innovation, as well as the determinants of adoption.


Our research is about finding ways for agri-innovation to have the greatest benefit and impact. Innovation is a complex process. It involves the cooperation and interactions of many stakeholders. Making sense of the innovation process is important for making research more useful and useable. With our research, we are developing better ways to strategically position, engage with and share agriculture research and innovation.

Driving Sustainable
Through KTT

A core area of our research is the role of knowledge translation and transfer (KTT) in driving agri-innovation. We apply that knowledge to develop effective KTT strategies and tools that accelerate and enhance the development, acceptance, and adoption of sustainable agri-innovations.

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