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Position Agrifood Research for Impact

Leverage Our Expertise in Agri‑Innovation

More than ever, agrifood research is expected to lead to tangible benefits and impacts. With more than 25 years of experience working with agrifood research stakeholders to mobilize new science and our in-house agri-innovation research program, we understand the drivers, barriers and dynamics of agriculture innovation.

You can depend on our evidence-based analyses and advice to position your agrifood research for impact.

Our Innovation Positioning Framework: Proven Tools for Accelerating Discovery, Commercialization & Adoption

Strategic Research Planning

In the fast-paced, dynamic world of science and research, success depends on the ability to see over the horizon. Use our strategic research planning expertise to identify and prioritize emerging science and research opportunities and map the pathway from discovery to adoption.

Research Positioning

Research and science do not inherently translate or transform into innovations, solutions, actions or impacts. The Innovation Positioning Framework is designed to competitively and strategically position research, new science and innovations for results and solutions.

Research Impact Assessments

Identifying and measuring the impacts of investments in agri-food research is a critical element of the innovation process that is poorly understood and remains a challenge for researchers, policymakers, research funders and other agri-food stakeholders. VISTA's research impact assessment tool includes 11 dimensions of impact mapped within a research-based logic model.

Technology Market & Commercialization Assessments

The Innovation Positioning Framework includes analytical tools for assessing the market potential of agri-innovations, developing technology transfer strategies and mapping a commercialization pathway.

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